The future of performance

Trillions of events is just the beginning

Discover structure in time and space

Faster from the first event to the final insight

Smooth scaling in production

Be the first to know

Compute so fast your data comes alive

Performance you deserve

Orders of magnitude faster data processing so you react first no matter the velocity

Capacity and throughput of a cast of 1000s 

The simplicity of a single machine

Insights flowing

React to every event

Performance you deserve

We believe that disruptive hardware innovation can be harnessed to accelerate your software. Moore's law can still mean more performance.

Compute what you want on the data you need

Insights flowing effortlessly

Modern applications need to react to every event. But what does it mean over time? And what deep structure awaits you? Let it flow.

Smooth scaling no matter the traffic

Discover structure in time

Success shouldn't mean the road gets bumpier. Cluster-size scalability with single-machine level simplicity.

The Tensyr Fabric is built on a simple principle: run the compute you want on the free-flowing data you need.

Why worry about where the data is? How to move the computation around? Or how to pack your functionality into a service, container, virtual or real machine? 

Modern data pipelines are built on a foundation of rapid events, never-ending streams to observe, and richly woven complex data sets to explore. You know the questions to ask and the algorithms you want to run. 

Think about your unique computation, and let the Tensyr Fabric take care of the rest.

The future of performance

Tensyr Inc.