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Production frameworks for autonomous software.
Bridging from R&D to mass-market deployment.

About Us

Tensyr is headquartered in Palo Alto CA and funded by top-tier Silicon Valley VCs. Our founders have spent many years deploying mission-critical, high-performance big-data / big-compute systems across multiple industries. We're now applying the unique techniques and combined knowledge we've built up to the production pipeline for autonomous vehicles.

Our team has deployed millions of units to customers and serviced billions of users worldwide across a diverse set of industries and technologies, from startups to multinationals.

We're delivering the most efficient pathway - for vendors planning evolutionary or revolutionary approaches - to Level 5 autonomy in the real world. Bridging from vehicles today to the future of self-driving transportation.

Tensyr HALO

Introducing Tensyr HALO

Ask your software architects to describe the autonomous vehicle (AV) stack they're building and they’ll likely step up to a whiteboard and draw a graph: sensors to perception to motion-planning, ML/AI models & subsystems within.

Now imagine deployment was as simple as taking that whiteboard graph and actually running it: at scale to accelerate R&D, then dropped straight onto your constrained vehicle SKUs, executing safely and efficiently for production.

Tensyr HALO is a dataflow software platform built around this powerful graph-execution concept. HALO combines a development framework with an optimized, cross-platform runtime engine tuned for vehicles.

It's built on five pillars critical to practical mass deployment of AVs with reduced time to market and increased ROI.

We are Hiring!

We're looking for highly motivated engineers excited about building full-stack autonomous systems: from offline machine learning to production real-time, real-world vehicles. We welcome candidates at all experience levels.

Below are some roles currently available at our downtown Palo Alto, CA location; or go here for more info on working at Tensyr and all open positions.

Hot Job

Software Development Engineer (Apps & Tools)

Work closely with our core team on product improvements, tuning and deployment, while building tools & apps to aid customer integrations.

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Hot Job

Senior Software Engineer (Autonomous Vehicle)

The Autonomous Systems Software team is responsible for building the production real-time software stack for next generation vehicles.

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If you have an active product or service in the autonomous vehicle space and want to accelerate your path from more productive R&D to safe, secure mass deployment, we'd love to hear from you.

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